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Keep Your Booth Properties Safe

Your booth properties are very important, they’re what get the people to your exhibit and can also be a very large piece of your tradeshow budget. Many exhibitors like to use their booths show after show to make it money well spent. The best way to maintain your booth is by properly crating and storing it while it’s not in use. There are many options available for both and many different price ranges too. We recommend getting custom crates built for components that you plan to utilize more than three times. We also recommend considering your crate dimensions to make sure that what you build fits strategically on a tractor trailer, to make it possible to ship in a consolidated fashion. While the upfront cost is a bit high, the long term investment is worth it. Don’t be afraid to shop around and check out all the options, ask for referrals from fellow exhibitors.

If you have difficulty locating the proper, budget friendly crates or storage, please contact Betsy Earle at for recommendations.

Which crating and storage system below would you prefer? I’d certainly prefer the one on the right.

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