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Exhibitor Magazine Articles

​Trade Show and Event Related Content by our Managing Director Betsy Earle:

Image by Pavel Sanchez

Graphic Gaffes

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted November 2022

"Make sure your exhibit's graphics send the right message by avoiding these common mistakes."  By Betsy Earle

On the Phone

How to Manage a Trade Show From Afar

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted February 2021

"Unable to supervise your exhibit program in person? Here's a primer on exercising some remote control."  By Betsy Earle


Trade Show Lighting Do’s and Don’ts

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted April 2021

“A calculated lighting plan can make your exhibit shine like a diamond without breaking your budget – if you follow these simple rules.” – By Betsy Earle

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In-Booth Internet

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted July 2021

“Before you place your next internet-service order, make sure you have a thorough understanding of your wired and wireless options.” – By Betsy Earle


Five Tips for New Builds

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted September 2021

“Here are important – but often overlooked – items to consider when planning a new exhibit.” – By Betsy Earle

Freight Shipping Containers

Seven Ways to Waste Money on Freight

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted August 2021

“A calculated lighting plan can make your exhibit shine like a diamond without breaking your budget – if you follow these simple rules.” – By Betsy Earle

Top View of Table & Chair

To Rent or Not to Rent

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted November 2021

“Unsure of whether to rent an exhibit or invest in a custom stand? Then use the takeaways found in the following scenarios to guide your decision making. ” – By Betsy Earle

Yellow Couch

Best Practices for Exhibit Furnishings

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted January 2020

“Furniture and décor can turn a good exhibit into a great one – if you give these often-overlooked elements the attention they deserve.” – By Betsy Earle

Sanitizing Products

COVID-Conscious Lead Management

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted April 2020

“Make the most of each potential prospect by following these simple tips.” – By Betsy Earle


Getting on the Same Page

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted June 2020

"Hearing conflicting messages from your exhibit program's stakeholders? Here are my tips for getting everyone aligned on show objectives."  By Betsy Earle

Carpet Vacuum

Exhibit Flooring Do's and Don’ts

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted August 2020

“Whether your footprint is a pint-size stand or an enormous exhibit, use these flooring-related tips to maximize the impact of your underfoot inches.” – By Betsy Earle

Untitled (Instagram Post (Square)).png

When the Show Can’t Go On

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted September 2020

“Keep calm, soldier on, and cover your bases by following this primer for dealing with trade show cancellations and postponements.” – By Betsy Earle

Electronic Wires

Planning Your Electrical Needs

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted November 2020

“Ensure your exhibit has the power it needs – and that it's accessible in the right places – by following this step-by-step guide.” – By Betsy Earle

Laptop and Paperwork

Post-Show Paperwork

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted January 2019

“Ensure that your outbound freight arrives at its next destination on time – and without any last-minute snafus – by heeding these tips and reminders about end-of-show forms and paperwork.” – By Betsy Earle

Fabric Detail

Rent Right

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted April 2019

“Allocate your exhibit-marketing budget wisely by knowing when to rent and when to buy.” – By Betsy Earle


Material Handling FAQs

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted June 2019

"Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding material handling."  By Betsy Earle

Boxes on Conveyor Belt

Ship Shape

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted August 2019

“Unsure of what distinguishes a van line from a common carrier? Use this primer to learn the nuances of various shipping methods and how to vet potential providers.” – By Betsy Earle

Stressed Woman

Crisis Management

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted October 2019

“Be prepared for common show-floor snafus by having the necessary supplies on hand.” – By Betsy Earle

Hardware Tools

This Old Exhibit: How to Refresh a Tired Booth

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted January 2018

“Follow these budget-friendly fixes when your exhibit needs a little TLC.” – By Betsy Earle

Untitled (Instagram Post (Square)) (1080 × 880 px).png

Top Mistakes My Clients Make

EXHIBITOR Magazine | Posted April 2018

“Avoid these common exhibit-marketing gaffes that can impact your program’s effectiveness and your bottom line.” – By Betsy Earle

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