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What We Do

Event Driven Solutions was brought to life by Betsy Earle, our Founder & Managing Director, eleven years ago, while she sat in her hotel room.  She realized that exhibitors needed a step by step approach to tradeshow execution.  After several years of careful planning, late nights and thousands of notes scribbled on post-its and scraps of paper, her vision started to come to life and Event Driven Solutions evolved.


Event Driven Solutions, based in Florida, was founded in 2010. The company specializes in trade show project management, planning and corporate events.

Our mission is to take the stress out of your trade show program.  We are a fully-integrated marketing agency that specializes in trade shows and events, guiding our clients from concept to execution.  With careful attention to details, we provide step-by-step solutions for clients looking to make their trade show and event programs more successful, and work closely with them to implement these solutions.

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