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Trade show booth design; trade show marketing; event management and marketing; social media marketing strategy; digital marketing; trade show marketing; Las Vegas, Anaheim, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Indianapolis, Dallas

Social Media

We offer a wide range of services designed to serve each client through the deployment of specific optimization strategies based on their goals and industry. We look forward to helping you find your unique brand voice through the services provided below.

Social Media

  • Kick-off content strategy along with a detailed posting plan.

  • 16-18 posts per month across all social media platforms (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Instagram)

  • Monthly metrics detailing increases in views, followers and engagement.

*Client must commit to a 3-month trial period in order for program to gain traction to be successful.

Event Social Media

  • 10-15 prescheduled event posts across social media, leading up to your event, targeting event attendees.

  • Regularly updated engagement metrics pre and post event.

  • A unique hashtag to encourage frequent posting and hype.

  • 3 photo posts after the event to create FOMO.

Examples of our content design:

Plan. Design. Execute.

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