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Meet The Team

​“People who work in an environment where doing their best is recognized have a better chance of feeling good about their work.” 

― Marilyn Suttle

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Betsy Earle

Founder & Managing Director

Betsy Earle is one of only twenty Diamond-level Certified Trade Show Marketers (CTSM) through the EXHIBITOR program, an outreach program by Northern Illinois University. She’s been managing trade show programs since 2006, and been in the event marketing arena since 2000.  She has been teaching with EXHIBITOR Magazine since 2012 and is a columnist for EXHIBITOR Magazine, writing the monthly Exhibiting 101 column since the beginning of 2019. 

Betsy founded Event Driven Solutions, an event marketing and logistics agency, in March of 2010, in an effort to work with exhibitors needing help with their marketing program. Prior to the launch of the business, she worked with Electrolux Professional as the Marketing Communications and Events Manager for the United States and Latin America. She started Event Driven Solutions when she noticed that there was a need for a solution to work with exhibitors and their exhibit house. While many suppliers offered trade show booths and exhibits, she wanted to work closely with exhibitors to help them bring their entire program together.

Betsy graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2003 with her Bachelor of the Arts in Spanish and her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. During this program, she managed large scale concerts including Bob Dylan, No Doubt, and Shaggy. She completed her Masters in Business Administration at the University of Miami with concentrations in marketing and statistics. During the Masters program, she worked with The HEAT Group in event marketing for the Miami HEAT and concerts including Madonna and the Latin Grammys.


Andres Duque is a Graphic Designer and Video Editor since 2014 and joined EDS in January 2022. He has been working with brands across the United States, managing social media accounts, creating brands from scratch, and designing event advertising. He also handles graphic design projects including trade show banners, backwalls, PowerPoint templates, and banner stands. Andres is versed in several social platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram and creates unique programs for client needs.

Andres Duque

Sr. Graphic Designer

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