A Kick-Start Program to Sharpen Your Trade Show Knowledge & Strategy

  • Tired of going to trade shows and dragging around the same booth and getting the same lackluster results?

  • Looking to exhibit at your first trade show and have no idea where to start?

  • Feeling like you are bombarded with information about trade shows but no one is offering you a lock-step solution?

Where We'll Start

What You'll Learn

For two hours, you'll be taken through the trade show journey, learning about project management, marketing, and implementation.  


Participants will be given Early-Access and discounts to the more detailed VIP Program launching this summer!

Simple processes to implement in your trade show program to save your company money and make you look like a rockstar!

From this course alone, you'll walk away with specific tips that you can implement into your trade show program that very same day!

Trade Show Selection & Game Plan

Which trade show should I go to?  

How do I figure out the budget I need to exhibit effectively?

Trade Show Marketing

How do I get the word out about my booth?

What should I do to help prove an ROI?

Trade Show Project Management

What do I need to do to get ready for the show?

How do I save money on show services? 


Game Plan

What do I do after the show is over?

How do I know if it worked?


Event Driven Solutions is the trade show industry's leading resource for successful and effective trade show exhibit programs across the United States and Latin America. We set the stage for best in class trade show and event training, while offering the resources for execution of all of the necessary complex details. 

To marketing and sales managers within companies who have little formal trade show and face-to-face marketing training, the Event Driven Solutions’ training program is backed by over 17 years of experience and a WBENC-Certification. Our web-based program, a hybrid of live and pre-recorded modules, will educate and arm you with step-by-step marketing and project management best practices that will reduce your job stress.  Working hand in hand with one-on-one consulting, our prescriptive methodology can be applied to your program over and over to improve your success.